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I help ambitious professionals land their next big challenge with confidence and clarity

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My name is Sareena Brookshire

I help ambitious professionals navigate career change with clarity and confidence and without having to take a step backwards.

Changing your career can feel daunting. 

THE PROBLEM I SEE is that ambitious professionals know they want a change but aren’t clear on what specifically they want next and how to get there.

Additionally, within work environments, professionals with 10+ years of experience often don't receive the same level of mentoring, support and advocacy required to get to the next level. The result can be a career path in need of a jolt, but without clarity and support in place. 

Whether you are looking for growth in your current organization, exploring transition into a new field, or in between roles and in search for your next big challenge, THE TRUTH IS the process is equal parts exhilarating and overwhelming without a guide.

How I can help

As your career coach, I’m here for you. I’ve literally been in your shoes and I will teach you the systems I’ve created to discover my dream opportunities, build a network to bypass HR, ace interviews and land senior roles at top blue-chip Fortune 100 companies.

Today, as an executive in a field that intersects technology and financial services, I hire and build high functioning teams and develop leaders. My coaching is relevant and up to date in today's changing and competitive environment. 

Don’t waste another minute. Your future is waiting.


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Snag my free "thank you" follow up template for round 1 interviews with recruiters and hiring managers. 

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Service offerings

When you enroll in one on one coaching with me, you'll get a custom experience that will turn your career vision into actionable steps and take your search to the next level.

Resume Writing

Capture attention and articulate your impact to standout from a crowd 

Interview Prep

Learn to tell your career story, position your executive presence,  and answer questions with a senior leader mindset


Prepare your negotiation strategy, know your worth and negotiate a competitive compensation package

First 90 days

Develop a 90 day plan to jumpstart your new role. Learn quickly, build relationships, establish credibility and deliver early wins

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