How to get clear on what job you want next

clarity jobsearch Sep 16, 2020

I can't tell you how many times I've heard clients tell me, "I just need to think it through and figure it out."  In theory, this makes sense. However, in practice, this often is a recipe for disaster.


What I know to be true is that clarity comes from the practice of reflection (thinking) but more importantly action (doing). For in action, we learn and understand what works and what doesn't, what we like, and don't like and through that filtering, clarity emerges.


What does this mean for you? If you are kicking around a career move, the first step is… to take a step. Here are a couple of suggestions if you’re just getting started:

  • GET SMART: Set a weekly learning objective to learn from your current network. This will help you understand other roles within and outside your industry. Set a target to keep you accountable (# of informational calls, key materials consumed, etc)
  • TAKE INVENTORY: Look back at any past performance reviews or feedback you’ve gleaned across your career. Where have you excelled, what are your natural strengths and where do you still need to build capability?

By stepping forward, you'll discover way more than sitting and spinning with your thoughts.

Will there be stumbles and falls? Yes. But the clarity derived from those falls will propel you forward because you know what to avoid for your next step.

Are you ready to get started? What actions are you taking to gain further clarity on your next career move? Comment below.


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