How to stay connected with your network

If you’ve been working for more than 10 plus years, by virtue of tenure, you’ve developed a number of relationships.

You’ve seen colleagues rise within companies, leave companies or chart new paths.

How do you stay in touch effectively and genuinely?

Here are three strategies to stay connected.

1.  Be helpful: Share a resource, connect them to other folks in your network, support their business, help share their ideas on social media.

 2. Seek and share advice and council: As you grow, there are opportunities to learn from each other’s experience irrespective of seniority. Look for natural ways to foster dialogue particularly if there are causes or related problems that connect you.

3. Share annual updates: Proactively keep them updated on events in your life at least once a year. Find the channel, format and altitude of sharing that is most authentic to you and that lets your network know what you’re up to. This may be different based on...

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