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Half the battle of a job search is pinpointing what it is you want to conquer next. When you’re mid-career you have multiple skills to bring from prior roles, but bringing all of the gifts together in a clear, cohesive package can sometimes feel like a struggle. In our one-on-one coaching sessions I work with you to unearth and discover what you want next and develop a comprehensive plan to achieve it.

Coaching could be for you if:

  • You are looking to land a career-defining senior leader job at a competitive company
  • You are a career changer  and want to move into a dream role within a new industry, function or sector
  • You feel stuck in your current situation, know you are capable of doing more but are not sure what to do next 
  • Your resume could use some freshness and professional review to accent the impact you've delivered throughout your career
  • You want to sharpen your interviewing skills and create a lasting impression with hiring managers
  • You want to earn more money and negotiate the best compensation package for yourself 
  • You are starting a new role and want to ensure you set yourself up for a strong first impression backed by early wins
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Areas of Expertise


Articulate your impact and standout from a crowd

As a former award-winning journalist and management consultant, I teach you tried and true strategies of both narrating your “career story” while articulating the “business value” delivered in prior roles. I’ll give you a toolkit that you can repeat over and over with continued success.


Yes, I need resume help!


Tell your story and answer questions like a boss

Having been a hiring manager within consulting, finance and tech companies, I teach you how to prepare for interviews, how to tell your story, and how to answer the real question behind the questions being asked. We will prep and practice and you’ll get instant feedback from me.  


Yes, help me rock my interviews!


Know your worth, prepare a strategy and get the best offer

Nothing brings me greater joy then helping folks earn a competitive package in the marketplace. I teach you how to prepare for these conversations, have these conversations with confidence and understand all the negotiation tools and levers you have in your arsenal.

Yes, help me earn more money!


Establish yourself, learn quick and delivery early wins 

You did it! You landed the dream opportunity and now you're all ready to begin. The first 90 days are critical to set the right tone and establish credibility to set yourself up for success. I coach you through this journey so you learn and lead with confidence and value.   

Yes, help me start strong!

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